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It's about fucking you

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Hugaboo is made up of:

Groovy Saturday[Lizzy] - Prostitute

Joey Lightening[Megan] - Substance Abuser

Devil Sparks[Becca] - Nerd

Fatty Stardom[Erin]

BJ Bardot[Calla](acceptance still pending) - SLUT

The Huckapooians hate us!
According to them we are very rude crackheads
We are so cool

Lyrics to Hugaboo World

A four, three, two, sixteen!
Alright gals, here we go!


Walking down your street, here we come a ringing your doorbell,
Just at what I'm wearing and you'll know for sure that sex sells.

Hi, Sup?, Hey
Whaddaya say?
Hugaboo it's about you and me
You gotta sing off key and be who you're who you're told to be
Hugaboo do what your manager
Says to do
Here come the Hugaboo girls
And it's a Hugaboo world
It's a Hugaboo world x2


Hi, Sup?, Hey
Whaddaya say?
I'll probably die when I'm 23
Of a herion addiction in a motel with porn tapes of me
Hugaboo girls will soon be has-beens, Oh well,
What can ya do?
Here come the Hugaboo girls
And it's a Hugaboo world x2
It's a Hugaboo world x8

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